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Pre-Production Intro:

For my submission for Rising Star 2018, I plan on creating a densely populated market environment, inspired by the examples provided in the brief. My goal for this environment is to create a cramped, almost claustrophobic market scene located in a narrow alleyway. The piece should have a focus on verticality, with a tall, portrait-style composition. The art style should aim to be realistic in both modelling forms and material properties.

Setting the environment in an exotic, warmer climate such as South America should allow for plenty of opportunities to use bright colours from the fruits and products filling the stalls to the use of brightly coloured fabrics and textures on the buildings.

This environment will also provide enough opportunity for both hard surface and organic modelling, such as creating food models to populate the stalls or hard surface pieces such as buildings lining the alley or the stalls themselves.

For the centrepiece focal object, a stall or cart filled with products being sold could work.

For the large decorative piece, I plan on having many large, draping sheets of cloth to form a canopy above the market, with rips and tears allowing for strong beams of sunlight to penetrate the scene below. The light shafts could be used to mark out areas of interest, drawing the viewer’s gaze, particularly to the centrepiece focal prop.

Final Written Summation

I think I achieved what I initially set out to create. I am happy with the overall tone and colour palette of the piece and the composition is close to what I envisioned when starting out. I would have liked for the scene to be populated with more assets, and a larger variety of products to be on show in the stalls. To improve this piece I would make changes to the overall composition by implementing a curve to the alley, reducing the linear appearance and adding more visual interest. I would probably look to include more colour variation as I feel I stuck to the whole red/yellow palette too strictly, resulting in a repetitive overall look.

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